The Goose

The Galloping Goose Sausage Company is located in Metchosin with many outlets in Greater Victoria and the Gulf Islands. Since 1994 it has been a full time family business with a great staff who gets our products made and out the door each week. do you start a sausage company? Not the sensible way most people would start up a small business. Did we follow the old adage about having worked in the industry we were approaching? No. (Our background was graphics and engineering). Did we have any professional food experience? No. What we did have was one South African with homesick taste buds and one person who avidly loved food and cooking. And from careful what you wish for!

Boerewors sausage is national fare in South Africa. After a  visit to family and friends many years ago we came home with several recipes and came up with our own very flavourful version. We made it for ourselves.....we made it for friends. We made it for friends again. And again.

Several years later my husband (the South African!) had the opportunity to work with a "retired" Polish sausage maker named Kaz Jachowicz. From him we learned more about sausage making in general as well as smoking and curing. Kaz did eventually truely retire at about age 74......but he kept an eye on us for the rest of his life! That experience and Boerewors were the cornerstones for the Galloping Goose Sausage Company.

Boerewors is still a key component and is one of our best sellers along with two other SA specialties: Droewors......which is Boerewors dried to a chewy texture intensifying the unique flavour and Biltong which is an allspice and coriander marinated type of jerky. (So lekker dit mak jou gala!) Johan's ouma made both of those many years ago when they were dried on a fence in the Karoo sun! Times have changed.

Many other different varieties of sausage as well as two kinds of bacon are made during our weekly production. The sausages include ones made with pork, beef, lamb, bison and chicken. We use only quality cuts of meat, fresh ingredients and source as close to home as is realisticaly possible. For example the chicken is from Cowichan Bay and the pork is from Lower Mainland family farms who have a strong ethical interest in animal welfare. The bison is organically raised. We use beef that is antibiotic free and raised without added hormones. Our products are gluten free and low in salt and fat.The spicing for each batch is hand mixed each week according to our own recipes. (We are happy to adjust our recipes in order to work with people who have food allergies and/or sensitivities.) HUNTERS - we will turn your game meat into delicious sausage......any one of our flavours....your choice.


Recently on board & selling lots of sausage is Dan's Farm & Market....a great seluction of fresh/frozen and smoked product.....located in Central Saanich.


Many thanks to all our customers. We appreciate your business  more than we can say!